Dig Yourself Out of Debt

Learn more about Chapter 11 bankruptcy law

If your business owes significant debts, turn to O. William Ward PC for advice on how to restructure. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is likely one of your best solutions to continue operating. Discuss the specific details of your business debt with a trusted local attorney today.

Chapter 11 is also referred to as reorganization bankruptcy. It allows businesses and some individuals to continue operating while they restructure their finances. Your attorney will help you decide if this form of business bankruptcy is right for you. You'll get a free consultation when you work with our firm.

What happens after you file?

What happens after you file?

Most Chapter 11 cases wrap up within a year, though some may stretch on for longer. During this time, the bankruptcy court will have control over major financial decisions, including:

  • Any sale of assets
  • Entering into or breaking leases for property
  • Shutting down or expanding business operations
  • Signing or modifying contracts
  • Paying attorney fees

It's important to have an attorney you can trust to look out for your best interests. Contact O. William Ward PC today to learn more about your options under bankruptcy law.